Selasa, Oktober 06, 2009

Kaidah Fiqhiyah

The first meeting
Explained by Bahrul Ilmi, S.Ag, M.Hum
October 6th, 2009

What is it ?
Kaidah is azas / foundation
Fiqh is something which control behaviour of people who suitable with term of Islamic.
Fiqh devided two consist of :
Materi fiqh is all something which is becomed as branch of fiqh
Science of fiqh is something which is becomed as filosofi of science of fiqh.
What are different of Syari’at and fiqh :

Source from God
Fundamental / basicly
Qathi ( statis ) tetap


Get it trough ijtihad
Zhanni ( meragukan )
Source of people

What is the different of bathil and haram?
Bathil : The law can miss out my self and other.
Haram: The law can miss out only myself
Principle of pray is haram. Except pray to God
Principle of muamalah is mubah, Except what off-limits by God

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ezi mengatakan...

very good,.well done masya Allah
but...what are the different of kaidah fiqhiyyah n ushul fiqh,.?why we must learn both of them in other context,.thnx

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